terms for apply admin

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terms for apply admin

Post  Forum Staff on Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:09 pm

New terms for apply admin in mig33:

+The user must not Have a history of abusing mig33 +Transacted a fraudulent credit card in mig33 +Be affiliate with a ring of users in mig33 that steal money +Have a bad behavior track record in mig33 that cannot be rectified +Be affiliated with a competitor company +A user already banned in the system User +must be with mig33 for more than 6 months After approval of an admin: The new administrator may have a new mig33 administrator account created by a Mig33 team. The admin must do the following : +Login at least three times a week to monitor mig33 for at least three (3) hours in a chat room/s. +Warn of bad behavior to a user and if the user does not cooperate, the admin can ban. +Keep a professional and relatively friendly manner An Administrator may be demoted if any of the following rules is broken: +Ban users recklessly or without reason Spread profanity in chat rooms +Encourage bad behavior in chat rooms +User is biased in chat rooms. :oops:
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