Security Tips! Learn to protect your mig33 accounts!

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Security Tips! Learn to protect your mig33 accounts!

Post  bullet4747 on Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:38 pm

mig33 has been receiving an increase in reports of hacked or stolen accounts recently. Several of these accounts were compromised because of downloading or using third-party applications that boast features such as auto-refresh, flood or kick. These applications could include viruses or Trojans that allow the hacker to get access to your mig33 password compromise your account’s security.

mig33 highly advises against the use of these third party applications which may affect the fun loving environment that we are trying to maintain and we will not hesitate to take action against violators.

Please be aware of the RISKS you are putting yourself by downloading third-party applications, as they might not only compromise your mig33 account but also your personal information.

Help us help you! Here are some tips to secure your mig33 account:

1) Avoid downloading and using third party applications
2) Do not give your username and password to ANYONE. mig33 staff would never ask for your password.
3) Do not click on links sent to you by unknown users that might link you to malicious websites.

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