How To Edit Mig33

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How To Edit Mig33

Post  bullet4747 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:07 pm

open jarBOOm and select decompie (extract)

Now select mig33 jar file to decomlile or extract

After you finished decompile or extract open Xplore

open storage E/jarBOOM folder
In jarBOOM folder you can see two sub folder "jar" and "unjar" open folder "unjar" here you can see extracted mig jar file.

Open folder "META-INF" in extracted mig. And go to file "MENIFEST.MF". But dont open it directly.
press "8" on your phone keypad to edit file "MENIFEST.MF

As you can see in screenshot, you can rename "migv42" in two places.

And now open jarBOOM to pack or compile the edited mig

Open menu and select complie

Open "META-IN" folder


Write a name for edited mig
After you finish compiling.. open Xplore an open jarBOOM / jar folder....your edited mig will be in jar folder

you can edit class files using "zntxhan"
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