Download mig33 avatar Vote Software by bullet4747

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Download mig33 avatar Vote Software by bullet4747

Post  bullet4747 on Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:58 pm

Enter Kick
Ban And Kick In a Same Time
PowerFull Series and random multy detector
Kick And Ban Unlimited
Kick/ban Roll Flood based on level
Record All recently Rolled And ban/unban all
Auto Kick All entered If 4 - 12 id enters in room at a time
Auto Kick/ban Detected Multy
Set Minimum Level For Enter In Room
2 Type Of ban System (group ban and room ban)
Multy Detector
Bad Text Detector
Bot Stop Option
Rum Lock/Unlock Option
Silence Option
Announce On/Off Option
Group Invite
Broadcast Option
Mute/Unmute Option
Group Kick/Ban Single Id
Room Kick/Ban Single Id
Add Moderator
Private Chat
Group Chat
Protect Id
Extra (Room Setting,Mig Store, Mig world, My Account, Mail, Banned Users,Moderators, Chat rooms)
Ban series (Group and Room ban Both)


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